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Principal @ Rizoma Ventures. ESG & impact investor and operator. Venture Partner @NextGenVP & Founding contributor @ Startup and Society Initiative

There are so many projects languishing on the side of startup operators’ desks. Important-but-perhaps-not-urgent projects. Projects that aren’t being pushed by investors and whose success may be hard to measure. I’m thinking of the hiring manager who wants to make their interview process fair and equitable; the recruiter who wants…

Chapter 3: Internal Initiatives

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Note: We use “DEI” as shorthand for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging.

Written by Claire Veuthey and Stoddard Meigs, part of the Grassroots Diversity Advocates group. This is Chapter 3 of a larger playbook that is still a work in progress. Here are Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. We welcome…

Practical ESG and impact solutions for investors who are just ahead of the market

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By now SRI/ESG/impact investing has been around a long time (yes, really.) Assets managed against ESG/impact mandates have grown at 14% CAGR since 1995. In 2020, US-domiciled ESG assets were estimated at $17 Trillion, or ⅓ of all managed assets. Ladies and gentlemen, we are past the tipping point.

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When I started my career working at Innovest Strategic Value Advisors (now part of MSCI ESG,) I thought I’d forever work in a small, bright, ethical corner of finance. …

As noted in my first post, fintechs have rushed to fill in the gap between consumer expectations of banking and the often sad reality of banking. But what is banking, exactly? …

Consumer expectations of banking have changed a lot — but traditional banks haven’t. Fintechs have rushed to fill in the gap. Big Tech has also tip-toed into offering services previously considered part of ‘banking,’ such as consumer credit, money transfers, and payments. Is this staid industry finally getting a tech-fueled…

Chapter 1: Getting Started

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This is Chapter 1 of a larger playbook (in progress) for those seeking to do DEI work at early-stage startups.

In Chapter 1, we cover:

  • Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging (we use DEI as shorthand for these terms through out the chapter)
  • A few arguments for DEI efforts: the ethical…

Claire Veuthey

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