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Principal @ Rizoma Ventures. ESG & impact investor and operator. Venture Partner @NextGenVP & Founding contributor @ Startup and Society Initiative




    Online Marketplace for Construction Materials serving contractors, vendors, and management companies —

  • Emily O'Connor

    Emily O'Connor

    Business Strategy Professional | Financial Inclusion. Fintech. Sustainability.

  • Stephen G

    Stephen G

  • Kavita Jadhav

    Kavita Jadhav


  • Pedro Sostre

    Pedro Sostre

    Accelerating startups through - I help early-stage founders launch better, grow faster, and raise smarter. Published Author & Speaker.

  • Dr. Wilneida Negrón

    Dr. Wilneida Negrón

    Technologist/Scholar/Advocate @datasociety

  • Nancy Reyes Mullins

    Nancy Reyes Mullins

  • Jo-Ellen Pozner

    Jo-Ellen Pozner

    I’m interested in the intersection of politics, fashion, and meaning. Also, organizational misconduct and scandal. And bean-to-bar chocolate.

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